Science and the City: T-3 months

Hi guys,

So, today is the 11th May. Which means that if we fast-forward three months from right now, Science and the City will officially be on the shelves. I can’t quite believe it, to be honest! Regular readers of my blog will know that I got the book deal way back in March 2014, and I’ve been working on it pretty much ever since. I’ve changed job twice in that time, as well as moving house… And I can say in all honesty, that I’ve never been happier. The second proof has been signed off, which means the writing is DONE. I even went as far as describing it as “not shit” to Anna The Editor. That’s about as close as I get to patting myself on the back. Now I get to twiddle my thumbs for a while (read: I can start working on the proposal for Book #2!)

I’ve referred to SATC as ‘my baby’ throughout this whole process, and I’m sticking with that. I’ve nurtured it and fought with it, fed it, washed it and put it to bed, and soon, I’ll be letting it go. I am exactly 50% excited and 50% petrified at this point (which I’ve been told is what pregnancy feels like, minus the nausea). I expect that one of those emotions will override the other, as soon as its a physical book, sitting in an actual bookshop, alongside books from people I fangirl over. I predict fear, but am hoping for happiness.


Anyway, those uber-keen urban tech fans amongst you could secure your copy of SATC today if you like… It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon – yippee!

UK (11th August):

USA (25th October):

This is the hardback version, hence the higher-than-usual price. The paperback version will come later.

If you’d prefer a digital copy,  best go direct to the Bloomsbury page where you can see it listed for pre-order with all the usual sellers:

[Some of the eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that even if you search for “Science and the City”, it appears really far down the page. Apparently, it’s some Amazon metadata thing. But basically, the more people click on it, the further up the listings it will appear… so please get clicking!]

Also, advance copies of SATC are sitting with those lovely humans who have offered to read it and write a promotional quote to go along with it. The ever-awesome Prof Mark Miodownik (from UCL, TV and who wrote Stuff Matters, an absolute must-read) sent me a comment late at night that was so positive it made me cry. Let’s hope the other reviewers are equally kind 🙂 I’ve started shamelessly pitching myself to a range of outlets too, so am hoping that I’ll have some book-related articles in the media in July-Aug-Sep too. Actually, if anyone is flying with British Airways in July, please let me know – I’ve written a piece on the material science of money for their in-flight magazine.

I’m in the midst of planning the book launch too – scheduled for Friday 12th August. A limited (read: non-existent) budget may hamper my plans, but I’m working on finding sponsorship, so will let you know if it can become the free-for-all event I’m dreaming of! Lots of my family are making the trip over especially for the event too, which is lovely. I can’t wait to be surrounded by some of the people who helped me bring SATC to life, who connected me to the perfect interviewee, who sent me useful papers / news stories, read my early drafts, listened to me when I complained, or most importantly of all, those who held my hand throughout the whole experience. It’ll be as much a party for them as for me.

Anyway, no doubt I’ll blog again with another update closer to the time. For now though, I just wanted to say thanks. Without you, my lovely blog readers, I may never have gotten a book deal. You’ve helped me to make my biggest dream come true.

L x