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Laurie takes Wired on a journey through London’s Cross Rail, helping to uncover some of the remarkable technologies that keep the world’s great metropolises moving.


I write a regular science column for Forbes – you can find all of my previous articles here: forbes.com/sites/lauriewinkless/

This review from the Carter Journalism Institute at New York University absolutely made my week! http://coopersquarereview.org/review/the-city-deconstructed/

For the Londonist, I wrote about stinkpipes – is there one near where you live?

I recently started blogging for mapping maestros Here360 – you can read my articles here: http://360.here.com/author/laurie-winkless/

I was delighted by this lovely review of Science and the City from the Irish Independent

Got Science are pretty tough on pop-science books, so I was honoured to receive this review from them in August

I recently appeared on the Anton Savage Show! Listen to our chat about all things cities here

I’ve written lots of pieces directly related to my book, Science and the City, too, including this one for BA Business Life (the in-flights magazine) on how banknotes are made

I also had a blog post published in CityMetric – this one was on my Top 5 urban techs