Laurie @Forbes

So, this happened yesterday…..

In the true spirit of self-promotion (yes, I’m shameless, but sometimes you have to be your own champion), I pitched myself to Alex Knapp, Forbes Science Editor, via Twitter. After a few emails, he invited me to become a contributor – EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


I’ll (hopefully) be posting five articles a month, so please keep an eye out for them on the URL above. My beat (or ‘swimlane’, in Forbes-speak) will come as no surprise to you, my lovely blog readers: cities and urban life, and the science behind them.

My first piece is on the trend in ever-growing skyscrapers (with a bit of engineering thrown in for good measure!): Scrape The Sky: How Our Buildings Are Getting Taller

My second looks at an announcement from UCL on self-cleaning, insulating glass. It also touches on some interesting work on transparent solar cells (that will appear in much more detail in SATC Ch2): Windows Of Opportunity: The Next Generation Of Glass

I’ve also written up a piece on lead pipes and water contamination, which will appear soon, and I have a VERY EXCITING PIECE lined up for late Feb. The bad news is that these pieces won’t appear on this blog, so you’ll have to head to Forbes to read them. I promise to share the links on here at least once a month (as well as on Twitter).

All shares, RTs, clicks etc would be hugely appreciated. I would really enjoy being able to pay my rent 😉 And some brain-storming would be great too – do you have any ideas / suggestions for articles you’d like me to write? Please comment below!