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Science correspondent on RNZ


Back in March, I appeared on the fantastic RNZ show, Nine to Noon. I was there to talk about Sticky - it was the first media interview that book publicist Rebecca secured for me.

The interview was a blast - Kathryn was an amazingly kind interviewer - I still can't believe I got to talk about friction and stickiness on primetime radio for 30 mins! You can listen to it here.

Immediately afterwards, the producer, Victoria, asked if I might be interested in coming back on the show at some stage as a general 'science correspondent'. I said yes, of course - I'd loved doing a similar gig for the Naked Scientists back in the day. We agreed to chat about the logistics soon. Fast-forward to July, and the promised email arrived to my inbox - Nine to Noon wanted me to make some appearances on the show. Microbiologist (and superstar scicommer) Dr Siouxsie Wiles had been doing this fortnightly gig solo for some time, but it sounds like, with everything else she does, she needed a break. So, I joined the team. The gig: I'd choose 2-4 interesting science stories from the previous couple of weeks, and talk about them live on air in a 10 min segment.

Because I am a nerd, I also wanted to share links to the quoted papers over on Twitter. But I thought I should probably do it here too! So this post is now the official home for my RNZ stories. I'll update it after each appearance.

debut appearance: 27th July

Link to the segment: listen here.

Topics covered + links to paper:

- The effects of air pollution on the health of New Zealanders

- A mysterious radio signal getting astronomers excited

- The discovery of a link between the areas of a dog's brain that handle smell and vision

Appearance #2: 24 August 2022

Link to the segment: listen here.

Topics covered + links to paper:

- Exposure to pesticides damages bee brains

- Low-gravity droplets

Upcycling polystyrene

Making concrete with waste tyres