I am always on the hunt for interesting new projects. Perhaps you have science or engineering that needs to be communicated in writing, on TV or radio, or you want to engage with 'the public' (there isn't just one!) in a more meaningful way. You might be looking for an experienced event speaker or panellist, or a sci-comm trainer who understands the realities of research. Or maybe you've realised that your organisation could do a much better job of telling your STEM story. Whatever your science communication need, I can help, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Brain Research New Zealand

"Brain Research New Zealand engaged Laurie to write a handful of articles for our annual report and she did an absolutely outstanding job. Laurie is one of those rare finds - a natural communicator with an exceptional talent for writing who comes with a strong knowledge of science. We found her engaging and professional to deal with and grasps new concepts with ease. Our researchers, leading New Zealand neuroscientists and clinicians, thoroughly enjoyed working with Laurie and her love of science spilled over into every piece she penned. BRNZ’s only hesitation in recommending Laurie to others, would be the need to share her."

Alexandra Sweetman, Business Manager

The Royal Society

"Laurie worked with the Royal Society to develop a strategy to better promote the Society’s medals and awards and provide sample copy demonstrating her suggestions. She took the time to really understand what was required and ensured we were kept up to date with progress throughout. The resulting documents were exactly what we were looking for, and has allowed us to start implementing changes immediately. Laurie was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I have no doubts in recommending her as a highly knowledgeable and passionate communicator."

Catriona Ross, Senior Scientific Programmes Officer


"I’ve worked with Laurie for several years – with Laurie contributing short news items, extensive features, and everything in between. Laurie has always been very happy to take on new projects, no matter how different from the last, and proven herself to be both highly reliable and highly flexible."

Stewart Bland, Executive Publisher

Nobel Media (Nobel Foundation)

"It's always great to work with Laurie, she manages to maintain as much enthusiasm and efficiency for organising the nuts and bolts of a project as she does for explaining the finer details of whatever science is on our plates on that particular day! She's great with clients of all varieties and a reassuring and hand at the tiller when working on complex projects with teams spread across the globe."

Nick Kennedy, Video Producer / Director

Private Tutoring

"Laurie tutored my year 11 daughter in triple science. She did a wonderful job - she was not only a very effective teacher, but she enthused my daughter about the sciences, and became a friend to her too. She gives guidance not just in the subjects themselves, but in exam technique. I could not recommend her highly enough - and I still can't quite believe our good fortune in having found her on the internet!"

Jane Campbell

Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry

"Laurie was excellent in project managing what we required, ensured all the published materials were covered in a broad area of materials and chemistry publications. She worked with us extensively on our web based story book ensuring all KCMC messages were clearly communicated. Great to work with, very helpful and the team felt confident our material would be to a high standard."

Maureen Laughton, Operations

The National Physical Laboratory

"Laurie's capabilities and enthusiasm for broadcasting her science is nothing short of awesome. She feels equally at home with professors and schoolchildren and is a lively contributor to the development of best practice in educational outreach at NPL. She has actively striven to find appropriate platforms to talk about her work: eg EPSRC sponsored NOISEmakers and is a great networker, pulling together contacts from a variety of fields to enable her to share her passion for science with the next generation"

Andrew Hanson, Outreach Manager

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

"Laurie is a sophisticated presenter and deliverer of hands-on science activities, and is equally comfortable explaining the intricacies of studying Astrophysics at university to a group of 17 year olds as she is making balloon buggies with 7 year olds and discussing forces. I have also been impressed by Laurie’s efforts towards promoting science-related careers to girls and young women. As a successful and highly-motivated person, Laurie is excellent role-model and she always makes time to attend events aimed at showing female students that science is not a gendered subject and an option for everyone. Laurie is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her for any position where commitment, enthusiasm and strong relationship-building skills are key."

Vickie Bazalgette, Public Engagement Coordinator