Exciting (if surreal) News

Hi everyone!

Firstly, forgive me. I know I have been completely useless of late. I’ve been going through some sad times, which I’m not going to talk about. But I thought I should tell you guys about some VERY EXCITING news.

I HAVE A BOOK DEAL!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, it still feels weird writing that. Totally surreal. But it is all true. Just over a month ago, I found out that my proposal for a popular science book has been approved! And if all goes well, it’ll be published in October 2016. (UPDATE: Published in August 2016)

And I owe all of this to my blog and to Twitter. The lovely Jim Martin from Bloomsbury (yep, the HUGE publisher!!) found my blog via Twitter, and emailed me. He has launched a brand-new popular science imprint with Bloomsbury, called Sigma Science and was on the hunt for authors. After many many emails, some brain storming and a rather delicious lunch, I came up with the idea for a book on the science behind our cities (summary can be found at the bottom of this brain-dump)

I wrote a proposal and a draft chapter and off Jim went to various meetings and commissioning boards. And on 17th February 2014, I heard that my proposal had been accepted!!! So, I’m writing a book, like a real one, which you’ll all eventually be able to buy in a book shop. Mad stuff altogether.

I should be signing the contract next week and have set up Twitter and FB accounts that I’m hoping to use to build some interest in the book as I’m writing it, and to collect your thoughts! As a start, do you have any questions about the science / technology hidden in our cities?

Anyway, here is the book’s  title

SCIENCE AND THE CITY: Urban Technology and the Megacity Future

Do you like??

Just the small matter of actually writing the whole book now 😉

Science and the City – summary

This book aims to uncover the science hidden in the world’s greatest cities and describe how technology helps to keep them moving. It will also speculate about the impact that today’s research could have on tomorrow’s cities. The book will look at specific examples in the world’s major cities to make it relevant to a global audience – how new approaches to materials help to build the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai; how New Yorkers use light to treat their drinking water, how Tokyo uses commuter footsteps to power gates in train stations. Using accessible language, the book will start outside the reader’s front door, and will guide them through the technology of everyday city living. Throughout each chapter, the book will introduce the past and present technologies that keep today’s cities moving. And each chapter will also describe the cutting-edge scientific research that will change how we will build (and live in) the cities of the future. The book will be written in a fun, informal style, with a solid foundation of science fact and a sprinkling of speculation on top for good measure.