Science Outreach + my life

It has reached that point of the year that I start to do a few things: Buy Christmas pressies & book flights home. Panic that I have SO MUCH WORK STILL TO DO and so little time. Wake up every morning thinking that I need to double-sock it (I have eternally-cold feet). Recap what I’ve done with my life (or at least my year). Make “resolutions” for the year ahead (I believe that making resolutions at New Year is a sure-fire path to failure)

On that last point… I only made two resolutions last October

1. To stop being so tough on  myself / make this MY YEAR

2. Cut down on the science outreach

I’d like to think that I’ve managed to do a pretty good job of the first one. But I’d like to share my “cut-down” list of science outreach for 2011

Outreach 2011

All year: Tutoring Jodie, Lily and Michelle (GCSE)

5 Feb: MOSI Meet the Nanoscientist – spoke to 500+ people

Feb: Babcock Lifeskills careers publication – published on this date

17 Feb: Piece on grad careers at NPL in The Times

21 Feb: Reading Café Scientifique (100+ attendees)

15 Mar: Queens’ School (Bushey – Herts) Café Scientifique (30+ kids plus parents) *Follow up: one student came for work experience!

18 Mar: Talk at UCL for first and second year PhD students – science outreach and PhDs

11 May: Engineering Engagement Publication (Amy Preece) – published on this date

1 June: Radio Pilot for BBC (Wellcome Trust / Somethin’ Else)

15 June: Water Rockets @ NPL – Marshall and general skivvy

4 – 10 July: Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition – 13,700 visitors. Wrote the proposal, and all the copy for the stand. Led the design and build of the stand. Manned it for most of the week. Lots of media interest included BBC, IoP etc. Wrote blog posts for Royal Society page.

15 July: Invited to be a judge for this year’s Galileo Drawing Competition

July: Two work experience students (Hannah and Joe) for one week each

9 Aug: Meeting at Somethin’ Else re: ideas for 5Live “Science Night”. Also given very positive feedback from commissioning editor of 5Live

20 Aug: Applied for Wellcome Trust Mentoring Program for Emerging Talent – if I am selected, I would attend WCSFP 2011 and be given a mentor who already works in science media. * Update: NOT SELECTED 🙁

20 Aug: Contacted by Radio 5Live – they requested an interview with me – had to decline 

16 Sep: Nominated for WISE Excellence Award (by Vickie Bazalgette). * Update: FINALIST – ceremony on 19 Oct!

31 Oct: Talk at Oxford Uni (Lady Margaret Hall) for Energy Week

26 Oct: Talk at Oxford University Scientific Society (Energy Harvesting)

Nov: Talk for Hampton Girl Guides (Space)

Nov-Dec: Judging Galileo Drawing Competition

….. <cough> Don’t think I can say that I’ve stuck with Resolution 2.

Resolutions for 2012: Sleep more