Science and the City

Well, I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that I am writing a book (if you missed the news, read my post here). I’m filling every spare minute with writing (the book + my freelance stuff for Materials Today), so you can imagine I’m great craic to be around at the moment!

Still, I’m loving it. Writing the book has given me an excuse to learn new things, which is something I never tire of. I’ve been a bit worried that leaving the lab had started to kill my brain – constantly having questions to answer and problems to solve meant that my brain constantly churned away – and I miss that. BUT, having to look up almost everything I want to write about has started to give me that ‘fix’ again. I love that I’m not an expert in MOST of the topics in the book – a few years ago, that thought would have scared me to death, but now I find it refreshing (and just a little bit scary). I want the eventual readers to learn alongside me, to meet the experts with me, and to ask the same ‘stupid’ questions that I (no doubt) will! I’m currently learning all about skyscrapers, which is lots of fun 🙂

And yesterday, I got a lovely boost – Jim sent me through the swishy online brochure for the 2014-2016 Sigma Science titles – don’t they all look GREAT?! I can’t wait to read all of them. There are some brilliant topics in there, by some excellent writers – I am a little daunted by being included in such a list, but I think that being surrounded by people better than you is the best way to learn and improve, so I will embrace it 🙂

If you have a look in the brochure, you’ll also see an early iteration of Science and the City’s jacket, but I thought you might like to see it up close and personal….Well, what do you think? Oh and I’ve set up a Twitter account for the book – @ScienceAndCity – so please follow it – as time goes on, I’ll use it to share links, quotes, photos etc!


PS: I have a couple of Materials Today posts to share over the weekend – PLEASE remind me to post them if they’ve not appeared by Monday!