Forbes: April

Image courtesy of Getty Images / Forbes

Hi guys,


As promised, here are all of my Forbes pieces from the last month in one place – hope you enjoy them!

You’ll note there are only four. I had the small matter of reviewing the final proof of my book to deal with. Forgive me 🙂 – this article was inspired by a planned development called Forest City. While I’m not sure about the sustainability of the project, the ‘greenification’ of cities is something I wholeheartedly support! – I spotted a great paper on PLOS One on how driverless cars could interact with junctions, so thought you guys might like to learn more about it 🙂– I’m a big fan of using ‘cheery’ titles for my articles. This 2-pager talks about how cities each have their own microbial signature. – my most popular article this month, and it was all about pee. Go figure 🙂

As I type, there is another article on there too (all about a city without electricity), and one about the lessons we can learn from 1896. I have another one (on the high-tech construction site) scheduled for tomorrow, and will be writing a piece on hydrogen cars next week too (hopefully). Busy busy busy!

L x