Cheat’s chocolatey tiramisu

THIS IS NOT A SCIENCE POST. Unless you like chemistry, which baking definitely is.

In celebration of surviving my first week of writing full-time, I’ve decided to make some cookies this evening – its an untested recipe though, so I’m not going to foist it onto you…. yet. Instead, I’m going to share a very old, very easy dessert recipe that a friend reminded me of just the other day. The lovely mum of an ex-boyfriend made this for us one weekend and I helped, so the recipe is written from memory and it a bit vague. But honestly, it’s foolproof. Beware, this recipe contains alcohol (yay for being a grown up!) However, it works equally well without it – just leave it out, nothing else in the recipe needs adjusting. Oh and this doesn’t need cooking, but it benefits from a good ole chill in the fridge.

Cheat’s chocolatey (boozy) tiramisu (feeds 8+ people)
2x packs of cheap chocolate chip cookies – any variety at all
2 x pack of good chocolate chip cookies – even better if they are chocolate-dipped
1 x large tub of whipping cream (600ml)
2 shots of Baileys (50 ml)…  optional
2 shots of Tia Maria (50 ml)…  optional
Instant coffee (quantity varies)
Boiling water
3 x Cadbury’s Flakes, chocolate buttons (or any other chocolate that can be sprinkled easily)
1. Make approximately FOUR large mugs of instant coffee and pour all into a baking tray / roasting dish/anything with edges and a flat base. Add 1 shot of Tia Maria per two mugs of coffee (optional) and let it cool
2. Add the (optional) Baileys to the cream, and whip until stiff and set aside– use an electric mixer for this, trust me!
3. Soak each cookie in the cooled coffee mixture until they’ve just absorbed the liquid – remove them before they’re soggy!
4. Make a single layer of coffee-infused cookies on a separate plate / flat dish – this will be your serving dish
5. Add some of the cream mixture on top, and spread to cover the cookies
6. Crumble a Flake / scatter chocolate buttons all over the cream layer
7. Soak more cookies in the coffee, layer them on top of the first, and repeat the cycle (cookies-cream-chocolate) until you have a huge mound of cookies, cream and chocolate!
8. If you have time, stick it in the fridge – gives the whole thing a chance to soak and firm up
9. Cut into slices / spoon into bowls
10. Eat until you feel ill 🙂
Here is the result of my friend Guy’s efforts – he recently made a massive quantity of the booze-free version for a scout camp. 14 of the pies you see here fed 68 hungry scouts!
Top tip #1: Intersperse the cheap and expensive cookies – changes the texture a bit, its lush
Top tip #2: you might need more coffee than you expect – and the cookies REALLY soak it up
Top tip #3: You don’t need to fit this on one plate – as you can see, it can easily be doled out into smaller bowls / tins
So there it is! Let me know if you try it 🙂