75 Twitter women in STEM you should be following

Thursday 8th March was International Women’s Day 2018, #iwd2018. As has now become tradition, I gave up a day’s pay to tweet about awesome women, but this year, I put a bit of a twist on it. For a start, I actually did some preparation, so that I could pace out the day, and schedule in breaks. Secondly, I realised that I follow A LOT of incredible women on Twitter, so I’d have to identify a specific group to highlight. In the end, and after much head-scratching, I decided to pick 75 Women in STEM who I think everyone should be following. Honestly, the list could have been at least twice as long, but I had to stop somewhere.

In the end, it took 6 hours. Yes, really. But I am absolutely delighted that I did it. Everyone seemed to love the final list, and it seems to have been shared very widely – I think it might be my most popular thread ever! The next day, after the suggestion of my mate Jason, I turned the ‘thread’ into a Twitter ‘moment’, which is much easier to navigate. You can see it here:


International Men’s Day is 19 Nov 2018 – I am hoping to do the same for some of the awesome Twitter dudes I follow, so keep an eye out for that.