Andre Geim

I’ve just found out that Andre Geim, winner of this year’s Nobel prize in physics, is a LEGEND.

Not just for the obvious reason of winning a Nobel based on a very simple experiment, but he also co-authored a paper – entitled “Detection of earth rotation with a diamagnetically levitating gyroscope” – with his hamster, insisting that “H. A. M. S. ter Tisha” contributed to the levitation experiment “most directly.” (2001)

Oh and he won an IgNobel in 2000 for his work on magnetically levitating frogs.

He also wrote a (brilliant) paper in 2003 on dry friction – entitled “Microfabricated adhesive mimicking gecko foot-hair”. To demonstrate the quality of the adhesive, he patterned the hands of a Spiderman toy – pic attached.

He’s a hero. That is all.